Apr 08, 2012 Webmiss Comments Off on Leslie Bibb: The Power Of T&A Is Amazing TV Shows

ABC’s newest guilty pleasure — the soapy, sexy and sensational G.C.B. — requires steadfast attention as the delicious dialogue is jam-packed with double-entendres, sly jokes and so much witty wordplay you might want to watch every episode twice to properly absorb all the awesome.

Interviewing star Leslie Bibb presents a similar predicament — in fact, it’s likely you’ll suffer some whiplash as a casual conversation with the stunning star careens wildly from one topic to another, taking so many unexpected detours, it’s moot to formulate pre-chat questions. But that’s just one of the reasons I was so excited to snag some phonetime with the former Popular princess.

Mostly I was looking forward to dissecting this delicious new TV escape — which manages to get smarter, funnier and more addictive with every episode.

Insider.com: Leslie, I have to tell you — I loved this pilot, but every episode has managed to get exponentially better.
Leslie Bibb: I agree — as we found our groove, everything just fell into place. It’s hard because when I do something, I tend to forget about it afterwards. There’s so much expectation that you have no control over. But this one, I love so much, I’m ready to go outside and jump on one leg in a tutu to get people to watch. We had so much fun making it. And Bobby [Harling, creator] has made it so fun and collaborative. Like, there have been so many times we’ve all been in the makeup room, chatting, and you’ll get new script pages where things you said in that room are now part of your character’s dialogue. I say to people, “Stay in your lane.” That made into the show. It feels exciting all the time.

Insider: Last week Amanda got a new love interest with the addition of Eric Winter. Your chemistry is amazing. You know that right?
Leslie: People keep saying that to me, and it’s so true. Yes, we’re acting but there has to be a chemistry there in reality. You can’t act that. And you never know if it’s going to be there with someone cast as a love interest. He’s a good time, that Eric Winter. People seem to think he’s a hot piece of ass.

Insider: Even if it’s pixelated!
Leslie: I thought that idea was so brilliant because obviously you can’t show it, but once you pixelate it, oh my god, you get even more intrigued. I love the fact we did that. Although wait until you see what I have to do at Carlene’s wedding.

Insider: Do tell.
Leslie: Carlene renews her vows and lets just say I have to get naked. Eric will be with me. If that helps you.

Insider: I’m cool either way — you’re smokin’ hot as well.
Leslie: Well, how great is that Boobylicious costume?

Insider: It’s fantastic — has Sam [Rockwell, her boyfriend] asked you to bring it home yet?
Leslie: [laughs] Well, you know, my sweet boyfriend asks for it a lot – but it hasn’t happened yet.

Insider: It’s a fairly unforgiving costume — do you like it?
Leslie: I hate it and love it. It keeps my sh*t straight. Like, “OK bitch, you gotta work out.” Keep it high and tight. But it’s so funny the power a little T and a little A have. We have a sea of male extras in Boobylicious at all times, because that joint is poppin, and all of those men are like cats with a feather. “Oh, boobs!” Everyone is a little more chipper on the days we shoot Boobylicious scenes. That outfit is so funny. I love that Amanda works at a place called Boobylicious – and when she was going to leave for that other job, it was a restaurant called Chicken and Cheeks. That was so good – and the cutouts on the chicken with its butt showing?!? I love it so much.

Insider: Maybe it’s time for a Boobylicious vs. Chicken & Cheeks softball game, or something!
Leslie: Oh my god – that would be amazing. although you should wait for the BBQ episode. It’s amazing.

Insider: What else are you excited for fans to see?
Leslie: There’s a musical episode. You’re going to laugh your ass off. The finale will blow your mind. Seriously, the last scene of the finale will make you scream. You’ll scream throughout, actually. In the finale, Kristin Chenoweth improvised this moment that is so brilliant, every time I see it, I start crying from laughing. What she does and my reaction to it … you will howl. I seriously wet my pants.

G.C.B. airs two episodes tonight starting at 9 p.m. on ABC.