Character: Brooke McQueen

Created by: Gina Matthews, Ryan Murphy

Directed by: Jamie Babbit, Michael M. Robin, Elodie Keene, Lev L. Spiro, Craig Zisk, Perry Lang, Ryan Murphy, Lawrence Trilling, Marc Buckland, Matthew Harrison, Brian Robbins, Arvin Brown, David Petrarca, Aaron Schneider, R. Martin Miller

Written by: Ryan Murphy, Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis, Oliver Goldstick, Ari Posner, Eric Preven, Wendy MacLeod, James Duff, Deidre Strohm

Produced by: Jamie Babbit, Herbert W. Gains, Phillip M. Goldfarb, Ari Posner, Eric Preven

Cast Members: Carly Pope, Tamara Mello, Christopher Gorham, Sara Rue, Bryce Johnson, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Ron Lester, Leslie Grossman, Lisa Darr, Scott Bryce

Released date: September 29, 1999

Episode(s) Number: Appeared in all episodes

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Duration: 1 hour

Two girls who despise each other, due to being on opposite sides of the "popularity fence", are forced together upon learning that their parents are getting married.

→ According to Leslie Bibb in an audio commentary, because the character of Mary Cherry was consistently so energetic and over-the-top, actress Leslie Grossman had a deal where she would take every fourth working week off to rest.
→ Despite playing rivals, Leslie Bibb (Brooke) and Carly Pope (Sam) became good friends and remained in contact after the show ended.

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