Pacific Blue

Character: Nikki

Created by: Bill Nuss

Directed by: Gary Winter

Written by: Doug Heyes Jr.

Produced by: John B. Moranville

Cast Members: Jim Davidson, Darlene Vogel, Marcos A. Ferraez, Paula Trickey, Rick Rossovich

Released date: November 17, 1996

Episode(s) Number: 2x12

Episode(s) Title: Wheels of Fire

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Duration: 45 minutes

A paraplegic shop owner agrees to testify against a Boardwalk extortion ring, but T.C.'s disdainful attitude toward him almost blows the Bike Patrol's investigation. Chris suspects a group of teenage girls of assaulting men on the beach, and Victor's in an awkward position when Jessie Palermo asks him about birth control.

Script developed by Never Enough Design