Grosse Pointe

Created by: Darren Star

Directed by: Peyton Reed

Written by: Will Gluck

Produced by: Will Gluck

Cast Members: Irene Molloy, Al Santos, Lindsay Sloane, Bonnie Somerville, Kohl Sudduth, Kyle Howard

Released date: October 27, 2000

Episode(s) Number: 1x06

Episode(s) Title: Mommy Dearest

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 30 minutes

Hunter gets her mother, Helena, a small role on the show to reward her for staying sober for 90 days. Helena soon manipulates Hunter into helping her land a more substantial part. Quentin finds Helena extremely attractive, and is more than happy to see their characters paired romantically. Rob and the network love Helena's performance and decide to give her a three-episode story arc. Hunter is tired of having her mother ride her coattails. She sincerely expresses her concerns to Rob, but he assumes that she is putting on an act. Hunter tries to trick her mother into leaving; Helena declares that Hunter ruined her career twenty years earlier (presumably by being born), and will not stand in her way again. Marcy hosts the WB Beach Party, where Johnny and Courtney square off against Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope of Popular in a volleyball game. Courtney single-handedly carries the team to victory after Johnny proves to be terrible. Dave makes some money by dancing around in a Michigan J. Frog costume at the event. Rob announces that Hope has left the show.

Script developed by Never Enough Design