Character: Laurie

Created by: Doug Ellin

Directed by: Dan Attias

Written by: Doug Ellin, Rob Weiss

Produced by: Brian Burns, Wayne Carmona, Lori Jo Nemhauser

Cast Members: Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara

Released date: April 29, 2007

Episode(s) Number: 3x16

Episode(s) Title: Gotcha!

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 31 minutes

Vince accepted Amanda' proposal to defuse the sexual tension by doing it 'once', but they both enjoyed it too much to walk away, another business worry for Eric. When Drama hears his former friend Pauly Shore wants to punk him in the pilot of his new candid camera show, he eagerly accepts. Drama assumes boxer Chuck Liddell practically picking a fight is the gag, but to his horror is punk'd in a lame way, and Chuck swears physical revenge. When Ari's frat friend Scott Siegel visits, present a hot, young Jewish bride and announces he made $45,000,000 with stamps, jealousy strikes Ari and his wife.

Script developed by Never Enough Design