May 24, 2022 Webmiss Comments Off on Trailer for “The Inhabitant” Movies, Videos

The trailer for the film The Inhabitant is now online! It is set to be released in Fall 2022. Check it out in the video below.

The Inhabitant is a new horror thriller by emerging genre director Jerren Lauder. Odessa A’zion plays Tara, a teenage descendant of Lizzie Borden who is caught between paranoid visions and festering schizophrenia amid a series of small-town murders. Leslie Bibb and Dermot Mulroney co-star. Produced by Steelyard Pictures’ Leone Marucci and RU Robot’s Petr Jakl, The Inhabitant releases in the fall of 2022. Executive Producers include Ara Keshishian, Martin J. Barab, and Scott Macfarland. The trailer features vocals by social media star Rebecca Parham.